Nashville Pyrotechnics: The Art of Special Effects

-The Artistic Display of Special Effects-

Nothing brings excitement to the stage like well-timed special effects.  Whether it’s a chase of comets to introduce your featured speaker, a burst of 30’ flames to bring your favorite team onto the field, or atmospheric haze and lasers to set the mood for a singer’s performance, special effects add something special to every production that is guaranteed to engage the audience.

There’s an art to special effects. There needs to be a balance of safety considerations, appropriate displays, and the environment of the event to ensure the correct effect is paired properly with the live production.  

What goes into a well-designed special effects display? What are the potential options for events and live productions? And how do you go about putting together a realistic plan that will delight, surprise, and invigorate spectators?

Here’s what you need to know about the art of special effects:


Types of Special Effects


Whether it’s firing a chase of red comets from an NFL scoreboard during the pregame National Anthem, or bringing a professional wrestler out to the ring with a volley of silver sparks, indoor and outdoor close-proximity pyrotechnics is a great way to add professional fireworks shot by experienced pyrotechnicians to any live production or special event.


Bring the heat to your professional and college player introductions with bursts of fireballs and intense duration flame units.  Professional special effect flame units bring of a level of intensity that cannot be replicated.  Your audience will feel the heat, and your athletes will feel the energy as 30’ flame effects fire in celebration of their score!


Have you ever seen a famous DJ set at an EDM show?  More than likely you have seen thick white smoke shooting vertically from their stage at different moments throughout the show.  That is cryogenic special effects!  CO2 driven cryo jets in different sizes can ramp up the celebratory moments for your live production or special event.   While DJ sets at EDM shows are one of the most recognized applications for CO2 special effects, they are also used for MLB, MLS, NBA, and NFL player introductions, home runs, goals, touchdowns, and unbelievable half court shots!


A quality high-powered laser light show is a great emphasis to an already captivating pyrotechnic display. These come in a variety of colors and styles. Choose from individual beams of light shooting through the venue, sweeping fans of lasers washing through the air, your company logo projected for your yearly convention, and more!  Lasers have endless possibilities to add a unique element to any live production or special event.


Nothing screams “celebration” like confetti raining down from above. Choose between colorful confetti, streamers, or personalized pieces with your logo or slogan printed on every single piece! Handheld confetti cannons, stage confetti cannons, pyrotechnic confetti mines, or mounted confetti blowers are available to spread the fun.


Atmospheric fog machines are a great way to enhance the mystique of an event or highlight your laser light show. Which type of mood are you going for? Smoke machines, vertical smokers, foggers, low smoke generators (special effects fog machines that keep the smoke low to the ground only), and arena hazers are a great way to personalize an experience and intensify the lighting for your live production or special event.


Envision your event. Which areas of the evening could benefit from a degree of emphasis? If you are planning a concert many different special effects can most likely be incorporated, especially if the range of the performer is wide.  For professional sporting events, like MLB, MLS, NBA, and NFL, player introductions, National Anthem, scores, and game wins provide perfect opportunities for close-proximity pyrotechnics, flames, CO2 effects, and smoke effects.  To recognize your employee of the year, confetti brings a visual experience that will never be forgotten and provides for plenty of time for pictures, too!  The best way to identify the role special effects will play and then nail down the specifics from there.

Contact the professional special effects technicians and designers at Event One FX in Nashville, Tennessee for consultation, guidance, design services, and on-site execution services any time you want to add special effects to your live production or special event.