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Event One FX is a full-service, live production special effects company and laser light company centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee. E1FX is comprised of a seasoned team of pyrotechnic professionals who—not to brag—are some of the best in the FX and event production field. Founded in 2009, after over a decade of experience in the live-production close proximity pyrotechnics industry and with the enthusiastic support of our colleagues, Event One FX has quickly grown to become one of the leading providers of innovative, high-quality special effects and laser lights for high-profile clients and entertainment venues nationwide. Our passion for live production, pyrotechnics, and special effects allows us to consistently take entertaining to the next level. We have an array of specialties, including Pyro, Flames, Lasers, Confetti, Cryo, Close-Proximity Fireworks, and Custom Effects that are anything but "traditional."

Event One FX was built with the vision of bringing the best of the best in special effects production together to create a laser light company in Nashville, TN which produces impressive shows and exceeds the expectations of Producers, Event Planners, and Talent Management—Every. Single. Time. We believe in bringing the sharpest, most professional technicians into the room, equipped with the highest quality FX gear and product so that, from inception to show, our clients know they are in good hands. We excel at what we do so they can do what they do best, assured and confident they made the best FX choice. E1FX’s spectacular and entertaining special effect designs give artists, musicians, sports teams player introductions, television shows, commercials, music videos, corporate events, concerts, product launches, civic functions, weddings, and private parties (the kind people want to be invited to) a creative edge and wow factor that is difficult to beat.

Ask around. Our distinguished special effects and laser lights turn good events and shows into memorable, legendary, celebrated entertainment experiences for audiences across the map. Whether your event or show needs indoor pyrotechnics, close-proximity fireworks, cryogenics, confetti, flame effects, smoke effects, snow, lasers, or something you are not sure can even be done, Event One FX is a smart first and last call. We got you. You tell us what you’re dreaming of and our design team, top notch pyrotechnicians, and proven skill and expertise will soon become your favorite production tool in your bag of tricks.

Event One FX is your no-hassle, turn-key, ultra-safe, über reliable FX one-stop shop, whether you are in the mood for an extra rock-n-roll BOOM or a gorgeous atmosphere in the room. E1FX goes to great lengths to consistently live up to our solid reputation so you can continue to expand yours. By enhancing the impact of your event, venue, or theatrical performance, Event One FX adds remarkable entertainment value to your production. Regardless of the size of your show, you’re a big deal to us. Plus, it always helps to know a rocket scientist.

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